fraxinus hupehensis

Known as “living stone” and “king of bonsai”, fraxinus hupehensis is a super star in garden, bonsai and root carving family. It is unique to Jingshan County of Hubei Province, the only place of origin in the world. As one of the rarest trees across the world today, it is also listed as a national rare and endangered plant.Potted raxinus hupehensis is among the best in the bonsai family. It has a unique position in domestic and international bonsai markets. In recent years, it has been highly praised by the bonsai community, bearing a very high market value.

The company is focusing on protection, development and promotion of fraxinus hupehensis. It has built a bonsai garden covering an area of nearly 1,000 acres. By means of acquisition, cultivation and technical rescue, it has now more than 4,000 fraxinus hupehensis stumps and tens of thousands of potted rock stumps in different styles and themed with fraxinus hupehensis. Today, it has become the largest potted fraxinus hupehensis production base in China, and the products sell very well all across the nation. At both the Kunming World Horticultural Exposition and China Bonsai Expo, our company's potted fraxinus hupehensis won the golden medal.



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